Who we are

Innolarva is an initiative promoted by cooperative societies, committed to the protection of the environment and sustainable development, which want to give an efficient, ecologically and socially responsible answer to the management of organic waste.

rconnecta - waste materials, recycling and reuse

Company that works the circular and collaborative economy especialized in the recycling and reuse of waste materials, proving solutions for its transformation and possible recovery as a resource.

The Federació d’Agrupacions de Defensa Vegetal Selmar advises and provides services to farmers to apply integrated pest control systems giving priority to biological control techniques.

Conca de la Tordera

Iniciativa promovida por entidades del ámbito cooperativo, comprometidas con la protección del medio ambiente y el desarrollo sostenible y dar una respuesta eficiente. Més info


The generation of organic waste and its impact
thousand Tm of organic waste generated in Catalonia
3.5 %
Greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the burning of agricultural waste
7 %
Waste rate of the organic fraction in Catalonia
6 %
Greenhouse gas emissions come from the loss of food waste

What we do

The aim of the project is to transform agri-food organic waste into biomass through a biodegradation process based on the use of insect larvae.

Circular Economy
Valorización de residuos orgánicos
Waste recovery